North Carolina Songwriters Co-op

Member Meeting and Show
September 10th, 2006
Rub's Smoke House

NCSC 2006 Member Show Video
(Music by Jon Batson, photos and video by Mark Easley)

NCSC 2006 Member Show Podcast
 (Recording, editing, and podcast by GoldHat Music)

Or you can stream the podcast here:

Set 1 - Gray Byrd, Greg Taylor, Sandy Hemenway, Will Woltz (19:19)

Set 2 - Pete Leary, Frank Princiotta, Steve Vincent & Rich Lang, Chuck Champion (15:14)

Set 3 - Jon Batson, Mark Easley, Jamie Anderson, Chris Wimberley & Bongo John (15:16)

Set 4 - Dwight Sullivan, Mark Cool & Bongo John, Jamie Purnell, Dennis Mikel (18:12)

Set 5 - Rebecca Lynne & Bongo John, KD Rouse, Andy Smith & Jamie Purnell (12:41)

 "The Hook" Radio Show  - September 16, 2006
Hosted by Berkeley Grimball, with guests Mark Easley and Steve Vincent on WCOM Carrboro NC
Featuring the music of NCSC members Berkeley Grimball, Mark Easley, Steve Vincent, Jon Batson,
Pete Leary, Frank Princiotta, Jamie Purnell, Will Woltz, Chuck Champion, Gray Byrd, Greg Taylor


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