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10th Annual Song Contest Winners

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Raleigh, NC, October 13th, 2007 - Congratulations to all the finalists, and many thanks to the songwriters, sponsors, directors, volunteers, staff, judges, and fans that made this contest a big success!

Raleigh pop singer Nick Hagelin was up against some stiff competition October 13 at the NCSC 10th Annual Song Contest presented by Sam Ash Music. He swept the field of eight finalists performing “Paint This Room” and ‘Strawberry” live before a panel of industry professionals.

London born Rupert Wates from New York took a sterling 2nd Place with his pop style “After the Rains” and “Prisoner of the Open Road”.

Bluesy Lowcountry Folk artist from South Carolina Phyllis Tannerfrye’s “Thirty One Dollar Bills” and “Blowin’ By” songs won her 3rd Place.

All eight performers were presented two gear bags filled with the sponsors’ gifts – certificates from Sam Ash Music, OnlineGigs, Songsalive! and The Music Loft of Carrboro; cables from TARA Labs; shirts and strings from GHS Strings; Levy Leathers guitar straps ; The Songwriters Hook Book from Midnight Whistler Publishing; a video of their performance which can be viewed below from Goldhat Music; and cash.

The top three winners were also honored with a trophy and gift certificates from Oasis CD for producing their next CD. Hagelin also received a year’s membership in Taxi, the world's leading indie A&R Company. Over $12,000 in prizes were awarded.

One of the seven judges Michael Graziano owner of Blue Moon Imagery and MMG Communications remarked, "It was a difficult decision. All the finalists were extremely talented. Stacey Allyn Baker, Kate Graves, Audry Auld Mezera, Adam Middleton and Dave Turner all gave great performances - each brought to the stage a unique style, lyric and presentation."

Music writer and judge Philip van Vleck commented in his article about Hagelin in Raleigh Metro Magazine “His guitar playing was sharp, his stage presence was a major buzz and his songs were way hip. His vibe put me in mind of Dave Matthews, and that’s a potent vibe for a performer to conjure on stage.”

The competition was held at the theatre at the Holly Springs Cultural Center. The site, close to Raleigh, has state-of-the art sound, video and lighting systems, a large reception space, and growing reputation for musical performances.

Show Director, Jon Batson commented, “NCSC is a statewide non-profit organization with a history and reputation for producing a quality contest and one of the best annual live shows in the Triangle. Our annual contest is open to a wide variety of songwriters. We accept all styles of music from all over the country. Every year the contest gets better and better!”


The North Carolina Songwriters Co-op
Song Contest Finals Show Videos
October 13th, 2007

Tribute to Greg Taylor


Finalist Performances

1st Place - Nick Hagelin


2nd Place - Rupert Wates


3rd Place - Phyllis Tannerfrye


Dave Turner

Kate Graves

Adam Middleton

Audrey Auld Mezera

Stacy Allyn Baker


Special Guest Performer

Valorie Miller


Awards Ceremony


Show Host

Jon Batson


Thanks to all the Songwriters who entered our contest this year.

Honorable Mentions for 2007

Dana Austin, McGowan Avent, Louise Bendall, Fred Black, Kim Buchanan,
 Jeremy Gilchrist, Randy Heavin, Russ James, lorenzo, Beth Champion Mason,
 Kevin McGee, Ken Nance, Nicah-o, Nixon, Blevins & Gage, Jamie Purnell,
The ‘Scapes, Lynwood Shag, The Sleepwalkers, Lee & Susan Terry,
 Jerry Thomas, Lesha Thomas, transzenders, Westbrook, Ken Widis



Contest Director: Eileen Batson

Judging and Show Director: Jon Batson

Technical Director: Mark Easley

Graphic Designs - Eileen Batson
Video, Web Design, and Sonicbids website - Mark Easley
Finances and Scoring - Dwight Sullivan
Show Program, Trophies, Sound Checks - Pete Leary
PR and Show Staff - Sheena Morris
Show Staff - Louise Bendall
Stage Crew - Chuck Champion, John Cheeseman
NCSC website - Greg Blumenthal

Thanks to our Judges: Linne Black, Michael B. Davis, Michael Graziano,
Catesby Jones, Lisa McKay, Valorie Miller,
Philip van Vleck

Thanks to the staff of the Holly Springs Cultural Center - Bob, Cassie, Barry, Will



Photo Gallery
Photos by Michael Graziano



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