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Mark and Pete



Mark Easley and friends had a chance to study guitar with Pete Huttlinger at the Swannanoa Gathering in 2005. Pete is a national guitar champion and the former lead guitar player for the John Denver band. Here is an mp3 of an original song by Mark performed at the folk week stage that year.

Mark Easley - The Broken Record Song (Live) (3:45)

Jay Clement, Mark Easley, Pete Huttlinger, and Phil Traynor also got  a band together we called "Two Ed's are Better Than One" and played on stage that week. Unfortunately, no video or recording of that historic performance is available, but for those of you who missed it, you can get some idea by playing the audio collaboration by Phil and Mark below while checking out these 4 handsome dudes:

Jay, Mark, Pete, and Phil - "Two Ed's are Better Than One"

Mark Easley & Phil Traynor - Back Home Again (4:52)


"Back Home Again"

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